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A Global Platform for Frictionless Identity Verification

Token Sale Info:

  • Ticker: VXD
  • ICO End: May 15th, 2018
  • ICO Token Price: 1 VXD = $1.00 USD
  • Bonus: Yes
  • KYC: Yes (Singapore Restricted)
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Accepts: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC
  • Soft Cap: $2,500,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: $23,800,000 USD
  • Total Token Supply: 100,000,000
  • Tokens For Sale in ICO: 35%


The personal identification information of an individual has grown leaps and bounds in the last three decades, but the methods of verification have not quite caught up. While recent innovations like the United Nation’s ID 2020 initiative, New Zealand Government’s RealMe, Sweden’s BankID and Indian Government’s AADHAAR Card are attempts at simplifying this process; they all lack in protecting the privacy of the concerned individual. The primary reason why a disruption in the identity-verification (IDV) space has not yet happened is the lack of a tested/proven trust-framework on which all institutions, globally, can rely on for sharing the costs and liability of identity verification. Velix.ID aims at bridging this gap by building a universal, obscure, transparent, decentralized, timeefficient, and cost-efficient ecosystem for identity verification.

The Velix.ID Users

  • Everyone among the 7 billion people of this world would classify as identity holders in the Velix.ID ecosystem. All identity holders on the Velix.ID ecosystem possess a unique Identity number to which all of their data will be associated. Any individual can use Velix.ID for their identity verification. The identity holders on the Velix.ID ecosystem can ask an organization to verify their identity on the Velix.ID Blockchain. The verified identity can then be shared with any other organization through Velix.ID, however, Velix.ID will not store any of this information. All of the identity holder’s information will be kept secure with the identity holders themselves, guaranteeing their privacy.
  • The organizations who need an individual’s verified identity, but do not want to invest time and money in verifying the identity themselves, can use the Velix.ID ecosystem as Verified-Identity Seeker. If the identity of an individual has already been verified by an organisation, the process does not have to be repeated by other organizations to verify the same identity again. The authorization/consent of the User is, of course, mandatory for this exchange to be made between the two organizations.
  • Any institution or business that engages in the process of verification of identity related information of an individual or a business qualifies to be a Verified-identity Provider on the Velix.ID blockchain. These can be educational organizations, banking institutions, multinational companies, businesses or even government organizations.

The Velix.ID Blockchain

All operations on the Velix.ID blockchain are executed by calling functions on smart contracts.

Smart contracts on the blockchain, also called self-executing contracts, are computer codes with an ability to automatically enforce obligations and terms of an agreement without requiring an intermediary — essentially relegating control to a computer program — a very important requirement for establishing any kind of trust framework among parties who don’t otherwise trust each other.

A Velix.ID Smart contract is essentially an automated agent that lives on the Velix.ID network, has a Velix.ID address and balance, and can send and receive transactions. A contract is "activated" every time someone sends a transaction to it, at which point it runs its code, perhaps modifying its internal state or even sending some transactions, and then shuts down. 

Team & Advisors:

Manav Singhal


Balwant Singh


Neer Varshney


Shivam Mehan


Tony Simonovsky


Mickael Fourgeaud


Mohit Kalra


Prof Simon Choi


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9 hours ago
The Level III of PII also called as Beyond PII comes when there is a need for verified document transactions between Educational Institutes / Workplaces / Government Organizations. Learn more about it here - velixID photo
1 day ago
The Level II of PII includes Airport Check In, Hotel Check In, KYC of Trading accounts etc. At this level, a platform will be able to store industry specific data for an identity. To learn more about it, read our white paper - velixID photo
2 days ago
Yesterday we shared with you all, the Level 0 of PII (Personally Identifiable Information). Let's have a look today on the next level - Level 1!
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3 days ago
The Ecosystem works on 4 different level of PII (Personally Identifiable Information) which makes the data transaction more convenient and risk-averse.
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Here's the Level - 0 of PII.
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4 days ago
The year 2017 witnessed some of the biggest Data Breaches because of which many companies suffered billion dollars of loss while their customers suffered identity loss.
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