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Sapien is a highly customizable, democratized social news platform capable of rewarding millions of content creators and curators without any centralized intermediaries. Sapien is powered by an ERC20 compliant cryptocurrency called SPN. The Sapien network will rapidly evolve to include a marketplace, various integrations, and third-party applications.

Token Sale Info:

  • Ticker: SPN
  • Public Sale Start: March 28th, 2018
  • Public Sale End: April 3rd, 2018
  • ICO Token Price: 1 ETH = 4,000 SPN
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Accepts: ETH

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At its core, SPN derives its value from the ability to collaboratively distinguish high-quality content throughout the Sapien Network. The proof of value mechanism will promote quality contributions and reward users accordingly. As the contributions of users are evaluated throughout the network they will accumulate a score that reflects their reputation. This will allow a user’s domain-specific expertise to be reflected within their communities. Within Sapien, reputation will mitigate trolling and reduce the spread of fake news. The reputation system is inherent to the SPN token and thus not restricted to the Sapien platform.

To create a truly autonomous social platform, users must have real power over the direction of the platform. Thus, one of the capabilities of the SPN token will be to give users a voice through our innovative proposal system. This will allow users to participate in organizational decisions, feature developments, and marketplace rewards. SPN stakeholders will be in a unique position to suggest and prioritize milestones on our project roadmap. With the first autonomous social platform, we can cultivate a passionate and engaged community that has the ability to change its values over time. In addition, SPN will enable users to vote on proposals within a branch, facilitating democratic decisions at a community level. Ultimately, this will enable branches to self-moderate, without the need for authoritative moderators that are the norm on similar platforms.

Content creators should be rewarded fairly for their time and the original content they add to a platform. Users will be able to tip one another for posts or comments and even receive payouts in SPN from Sapien for posts that have created quantifiable value. By enabling users to pay each other in this manner we believe we will foster an environment that supports quality content and liberates content creators from dependence on ad revenue. A decentralized marketplace is planned in the roadmap to enable SPN holders to purchase exclusive premium content, services, physical merchandise and virtual goods, including themes, integrations, and features.

As Blockchain applications become the new standard, Sapien will build out a development platform powered by SPN to offer users a wide variety of app integrations and permit external apps to leverage our user base. We intend SPN to function as a unified currency for all in app purchases on integrated apps. New applications will be able to integrate with SPN easily through the Sapien API allowing users to exchange and make purchases with SPN. The unified market created by SPN will tether virtual items purchased inside integrated applications to the real world value of SPN creating a new dimension of interactions between users on applications integrated with SPN. Lastly, our goal is to establish a global reputation network on all SPN integrated platforms to fight fake news everywhere.


Ankit Bhatia

CEO & Co-Founder


Studied Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley.
Designed, developed, and pioneered the Sapien platform in his Junior year.
Full stack JavaScript engineer who enjoys bringing great ideas to life.
Crypto enthusiast and investor since 2013.
YCombinator SUS’17 graduate.


Robert Giometti

CPO & Co-Founder


Studied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley.
Spearheaded and developed many of the features, algorithms, and innovations in Sapien.
Theorist who understands how modern technologies will transform future societies.
YCombinator SUS’17 graduate.


Stefan Ionescu

Lead Solidity Dev


Currently working as a CTO for a startup focused on NLP.
Building machine learning models for self-driving cars in games and now focusing on applying the blockchain in the insurance world.
Enthusiast of studying neurobiology and applied psychology alongside multiple programming languages.


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The Future Looks Bright For Staking Implementations!


Over 5% of the circulating supply of $SPN has been staked by users in the #Sapien ecosystem.

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