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Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol that lets people share and monetize data while guaranteeing control, auditability, transparency and compliance to all actors involved.

Token Sale Info:

  • Ticker: OCN
  • ICO Start: TBA
  • ICO Token Price: TBA
  • Token Type: Own
  • Accepts: ETH
  • Hard Cap: $22,300,000 USD
  • Total Token Supply: 1,410,000,000
  • Tokens For Sale in ICO: 25%

About Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange protocol to make data universally available for applications in AI and beyond.

Ocean Protocol uses blockchain technology that allows data to be shared and consumed in a safe, secure and transparent manner. Ocean is a decentralized platform and network that connects providers and consumers of valuable data, while providing open access for developers to build services.

Ocean Protocol facilitates the network and infrastructure to bring together data providers, data consumers, and service providers into a marketplace commons. It does not impose vendor lock-in or extract monopoly rents. The control of the network is decentralized and distributed between the Foundation, the network keepers, the developers, the data providers, and data consumers.

The Ocean Token (OCN) is used as the means of value exchange within the Ocean Protocol network. OCN will be issued in a limited supply over several years. Keepers who provide verification and network services receive OCN as part of the block reward function.

Twitter Feed:

20 hours ago
“Things are going to get weird. For example, the future your kids inhabit might be one where they earn money as “meme traders” and where cars are not only self-driving but self-owning as well" Brave New Podcast w @trentmc0 & @simondlr on @villageglobal https://t.co/l3pTJkowin
2 days ago
June was a wild ride! Follow our community journey from last month, featuring an ecosystem of amazing people+projects worldwide w/ @Truebitprotocol @cnctm_to @agorai_market @mattereum @Fennie_Wang @TOABerlin @OVioHQ @siliconallee @cognition_x and many more https://t.co/qm586VvNrR
3 days ago
We're excited for @dappcon_berlin this week! It'll a two-for-one from Team Ocean, with @DimitriDeJonghe supporting in a Token Engineering workshop on Thurs, and @trentmc0 on a panel on Friday, "The Future of Blockchain: What could go wrong?" https://t.co/ehvhqF69jx https://t.co/NWni8WvX6s oceanprotocol photo
7 days ago
You don't *have* to be a pirate to wear our designs... but it doesn't hurt. Community swag bosses @Cryppify have added our designs to their online shop w/ free EU shipping so you can #walktheplankwithoutbreakingthebank ⚓️🦜 https://t.co/ClbWKVzvlC https://t.co/5xbb6HkEdi oceanprotocol photo
1 week ago
For those who missed it: Our comprehensive tech Roadmap has left the harbour, and a strong sea breeze has us set on course. ⚓️⛵️ Full steam ahead on the HMS Ocean! https://t.co/vcO8npV2Sx

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