Tasking platform with an AI-based rating system. The platform is a full employment suite focused on transparency and functionality.

Token Sale Info:

  • Ticker: LATX
  • ICO End: December 28th, 2017
  • ICO Token Price: 1 LATX = $0.33 USD
  • Total Tokens: 300,000,000
  • Goal: $46,500,000
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Accepts: ETH
  • KYC: Yes

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Additional Info:

Latium is the first and only tasking platform to incorporate a totally automated rating system in tandem with a one-to-many task relationship structure. This will allow a user to create a task for which they can hire one person, or many thousands of people, to complete the task. This all occurs within a trustless environment where all participants have transparency in whom they are working with. The platform will support both “Digital” and “In-Person” tasks. The Latium team has also designed proprietary task proof systems for both “Digital” and “In-Person” tasks, in order to remove trust from the equation while creating an environment where tasks with multiple contracts can be easily managed. In the case of a “Digital” task, imagine a user wishes to drive traffic to an online petition. By posting one simple Latium task, they can send as many people to the petition page as their budget allows.

Now, let’s look at an example of an “In-Person” task. Imagine a user is promoting a grand opening for a new restaurant. They post a new task with the details of the event and then approve applicants that wish to show up for a reward. As the applicants show up they must all scan either a printed QR code, scan a code on the task creator’s phone or stay within a certain GPS location for a certain amount of time in order to check-in to the event. Once the event is complete, they will scan an additional code to release payment for the task or auto release based on GPS. "In-Person" multi-contract tasks can be used for marketing events such as this, or even political or community driven projects.

The LatiumX (LATX) ERC20 token will be the established form of payment on the platform. Payment for tasks completed on the Latium platform will be credited in real-time using LATX, meaning the LATX coins will have to be purchased by employers in order to create new tasks in the system.

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13 ago
🙏We're giving away #Latium $LATX commemorative coins!

One of the items were giving away here at the #WBSSingapore, but we want to hook up our own communities as well!

👉 LIKE, COMMENT, & RETWEET to be eligible! We will select a group of winners and notify July 21st SGT.
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5 hours ago
With our booth setup, registration is in progress here at the World Blockchain Singapore #WBSSINGAPORE LatiumCoin photo
7 hours ago
Good morning from Singapore! Just after 6 AM here but we've already been up for a while preparing for the first day of the #WBSSINGAPORE!

Today's agenda is networking with the attendees and showcasing Proof of Human!

👉 Our very own @OneDavidJohnson speaks tomorrow 1040 AM SGT
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23 hours ago
We may be jetlagged ✈️😴 but the Latium team has arrived and are already hard at work in preparation for the upcoming World Blockchain Summit #WBSSINGAPORE

@OneDavidJohnson will be speaking FRIDAY with more exciting updates to follow! 📣

#Latium $LATX
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1 day ago
Official Exchange Listing Announcement

$LATX is now available on @FCoinOfficial! Please visit the link below for full access.

#FCoin continues to show growth and volume in trading & web traffic & is now another option for our @LatiumCoin community.
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