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Bountie is a platform for gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favorite games. By using the latest technology in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, our platform reduces the chances of fraud, high transactional fees and introduces a whole new experience in eSports and gaming.

Token Sale Info:

  • Ticker: BTIE
  • ICO Dates: April 9th - June 13th
  • ICO Token Price: 1 BTIE = $0.20 USD
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Accepts: ETH, USD

  • Hard Cap: 37,500 ETH
  • Total Token Supply: 200,000,000
  • Tokens For Sale in ICO: 75%
  • Restricted Countries: USA

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Additional Info:

Gamers face the problem of the lack of incentives such as replay value, lack of monetization, lack of opportunities to turn professional and lack of tournaments.  Bountie provides these opportunities to gamers through talent scouting and weekly tournaments. Gamers can earn money on the platform using our cryptocurrency Bountie Coins. Bountie coins are an underlying currency that gamers can cash out,  use to wager on competitive online games, trade and purchase gaming products. The blockchain technology is applied to Proprietary Matchmaking Algorithms / Data Profiling Analytics / Predictive Analytics / Automated Recommendations - For better gamers matching experience & brands sponsorships.
Main features of Bountie also include:
  • Peer to Peer competition/wagering
      Right now most of the platforms offer platform points when you play or win tournaments, for Bountie, gamers would be able to wager fiat currency or Bountie Coins for our tournaments/leaderboard. When they win the gamers they get rewarded back with fiat currency or Bountie Coins, not points. This allows gamers to actually make a living while playing their favourite games.
  • Bountie's own game
      We are planning out to launch our own game in the near future. A game built from ground up with the gamers' feedback and participation. Many platforms are just aiming to be aggregators and tournament organizers.
  • Many more games offering
      We are starting out with CS:GO and Dota 2 but we will be quickly moving into many more games like PUBG. Most of the other platforms offer a limited number of games or only a few popular games.
  • Carefully crafted platform
      Most platforms(in general, not just gaming) are built without much thought into the User Interface and User Experience. Our team has been building websites, platforms and mobile apps for our clients for years. We have also researched deeply into other platforms before we finalized on ours. We will be building a platform that gamers will feel excited to use, easy to navigate and be a part of. This level of execution will be a key difference between something like Slack Vs Hipchat.
  • Marketing and Building Community
      A platform is only as good as it's community and user base. We are currently building our gamers community even before we launch our platform. Most of the platform has a very limited number of gamers, this results in the same few players always playing against the same people in the same games of the platform. We have allocated a significant percentage of our ICO funds to do marketing heavily and putting in mechanics to reward our gamers to join our platform and community. This will ensure that we'll have more than enough liquidity in our platform for gamers.

Bountie wants to create a Gaming Ecosystem that revolves around the Gamers, Partners and Bountie.
The Partners refer to Computer Hardware companies such as Logitech, ASUS, Dell’s Alienware and also game developers like Bluehole Studio Inc (For PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) & Valve Corporation (For Counterstrike & Dota 2).
Hardware companies would be able to sell their products online and offiline via Bountie‘s platforms to Gamers. Bountie also operates sweepstakes and tournaments that allow Gamers to win products.
Bountie will also work closely with partners to gather feedback on products or games, create in-house content around them and help them to publicise to our targeted group of Gamers.
Thus, creating an Ecosystem where everybody needs everybody and a strong network effect that strengthens as we scale.

Main Features:

  • Proprietary Matchmaking Algorithms
      Bountie utilizes algorithms to matchmake players with similar skill sets. This results in a level of competitiveness and also guaranteeing fair and even matches.
  • Leaderboards
      The Bountie Leaderboard experience is kept fresh through the introduction of Leaderboards. These Leaderboards are refreshed every quarterly. Tops 10 players on the Leaderboards receive additional Bounty above and beyond their match winnings.
  • Quest Rewards System
      Players can earn Bountie coins by completing daily quests. For example:
      - Play 10 games.
      - Get 50 kills.
      - Share your match results on social media.
  • Immediate Match Rewards
      An element of instant gratification is baked into Bountie. Players pay a small fee to participate in competitive matches and immediately receive earnings when they win these matches.
      Because of technical and fraud prevention, Bountie will display “Pending Winnings” inside the winner’s wallet but Bountie Coins will only be transferred in a week when the match has been verified that it’s won fair and square by the juries(admin from Bountie or a group of fellow gamers),
  • Party Support
      Bountie enables Players to group up with friends and play their favourite games together. Players may also choose to play solo. In team-based matches, solo Players will be grouped with other similarly ranked Players via Bountie’s matchmaking system.


Mervin Teo

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Visionary and Creative Director with 5 years of expertise in Marketing and Software Development. Game Addict. Joined 3 years of WCG and other offline/online Tourneys.


Lex Na

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer


Founder of a boutique Digital Agency, A couple of e-Commerce businesses. Has experience and expertise in the tech industry for the past 10 years. Previously Ranked Top 10 in Warcraft 3 Ladder Games.


Darren Lee

Chief Technology Officer


Well honed in the areas of Design, Development and Business, Darren heads Fixx Digital - one of Singapore’s leading Digital Agencies, and has spearheaded projects for Clients such as DBS Bank, Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines.


Jose He

Chief People Officer


Founder of a pet technology startup with more than 10 years experience as a senior business development strategist. Former executive chairman of Speaker & Trainer Association. Dota 2 enthusiast and CS:GO fanatic.


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Get your crypto wallets ready and enjoy a 15% bonus until 5 Oct 2018! For more info on how to buy Bountie Tokens, visit our guide here: BountieGaming photo
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Our Pre-ICO begins this Sunday 23 Sept, 12pm! Use Bountie Tokens on our platform to Get Paid to Play! Act fast and be sure to buy our Bountie Tokens before they sell out!
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