Aworker Cryptocurrency


Aworker is the first decentralized system of Reputation Building for Employees in the world. The Ethereum blockchain enables Aworker to provide independent rating services. Aworker’s mission is to help people build successful careers, affirm their professionalism and make money.

Token Sale Info:

  • Ticker: WORK
  • Pre-ICO Start: January 26th, 2018
  • ICO End: June 26th, 2018
  • ICO Token Price: 1 WORK = 0.0004158 ETH
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Accepts: ETH, BTC
  • Unsold Tokens: Destroyed
  • Hard Cap: $21,600,000 USD
  • Total Token Supply: 213,778,675
  • Tokens For Sale in ICO: 60%

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Aworker's Goals:

  • To create a decentralized global ecosystem for companies and workers, which will help to find the best employees and recommend friends for proper open positions. 
  • To create the universal decentralized system of employees’ assessment and reputation for the whole world.
  • To create a simple and reliable tool to verify reputation for a couple of clicks. 
  • To enable people to make money on their skills to have additional motivation for the development («upgrade the professional skills»). 
  • To create a decentralized ecosystem that will give employees additional offers and motivation for the development. 
  • To enable an employee to become the best in the professional field.
  • To introduce the advantages of Ethereum smart contracts to the real world.

Token Use:

WORK token is tied to the hiring of employees in the company. The company will have to spend WORK tokens to find and hire an employee. The number of tokens is limited.

Companies will receive an application for hiring and communicating with candidates. HR managers will be able to create a vacancy, using the opportunities of smart contracts, and to check core information about the candidate in the blockchain: what are his/her verified skills, competencies, completed projects, etc. Blockchain will provide more reliable information about applicants, which is now lacking in companies.



Anton Cherkasov

Co-Founder & CEO


Anton is an entrepreneur and a founder of SaaS Kepler Leads. He has launched several successful projects. Anton worked in Wildberries (#1 fashion eCommerce in Russia).


Michael Doshevsky

Co-Founder & CTO


Michael is a developer in Kaspersky. Also he is a Head of Development in Number. Michael has extensive experience in architecture applications: C#, REST API, Microsoft technology: ASP.NET, Web API, Azure.


Michael Barkov

Co-Founder & HR Partner


Michael worked as HR Director of PAZOLINI (one of the biggest shoes retail) и Talent Acquisition and Development of L'Oreal. In Aworker he promotes product in HR market and hires the team.


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2 days ago
Hi, folks🎋

Regional business development officer (Asia/Latin America) at Snow Fox Technologies
Tokens for closing a position: 216,000 WORK

Recommend your friends to this position and get WORK tokens at

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3 days ago
Hello 🎋

We are pleased to announce that Aworker became a participant of the Knowledge Alliance!
All the details are here

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4 days ago
Hello, folks
As you know we decided to move from Eth blockchain to Multi-chain platform and here you can finally find out why

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6 days ago
Hello, guys
Aworker Progress Report is here! It was an eventful week for us 🌿
Learn more about our recent updates here

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7 days ago
Hello, everyone

Want to know how to get benefits from your network?
Check it out here

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