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Top ICOs Starting the Week of February 19th, 2018

Here are our handpicked top ICOs starting this week. Subscribe to our newsletter to get these in your inbox weekly. Follow us on Twitter to be notified when new ICOs are published here on the site.

Starts Feb. 21st is a decentralized data exchange protocol that lets people connect their profiles, reputations and experiences across the web with privacy and security.
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Starts Feb. 20th
PolySwarm is the first decentralized marketplace where security experts build anti-malware engines that compete to protect you.
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Pre-ICO Starts Feb 26th
Bountie is a platform for gamers in Asia to make a living while playing their favorite games. By using the latest technology in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, our platform reduces the chances of fraud, high transactional fees and introduces a whole new experience in eSports and gaming. ]

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Pre-ICO Starts Feb 19th
The Interactive Video and Experience Protocol (IVEP) will make billions of hours of video available online, including live broadcasts and digital experiences, interactive, shoppable, chat-able, customizable, real-time editable, monetizable, poll-able, actionable, clickable, expandable and searchable. ]

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