Three Cryptocurrency Market ICOs to Watch in 2018


In recent days, the current Bitcoin value has fallen from an all-time high of near $20,000, to just over $15,000. Rather, however, than see investors flee from the cryptocurrency market, new to market investors are taking advantage of the lower Bitcoin value in order to buy into the market prior to 2018.

Of course, the problem with even a $15,000 Bitcoin value, is that new to market investors rarely have $15K in spare change which they can realistically invest in what the mainstream media likes to call ‘air money.’ The good news, however, is that ICO’s - short for ‘Initial Coin Offerings,’ can provide people with a relatively low-cost way to invest in the cryptocurrency market.

What is an ICO?

An ICO is essentially a digital currency crowd-funding campaign. Somebody with a new digital currency-related product or service idea creates their own digital currency. Such people then give away coins in exchange for Bitcoin or Ethereum, before using the capital generated to actually build their business. 

Put simply, if an ICO funded business proves successful, initial coins will increase in value. Investors can then either choose to hold these or sell ICO coins in exchange for greater amounts of other digital assets. The only question, in this case, is which ICO’s are the most investment worthy as we head on into 2018?


Latium - The John McAfee Backed ICO Set to Revolutionize the Freelance Marketplace

According to a recent Forbes magazine article, 35% of the current U.S. workforce is made up of freelancers. These are people who work on a self-employed basis both online and offline. What is more, it is estimated that the freelance economy contributes at least $1 trillion to the greater U.S. economy each and every year.

Sadly, the amount freelancers earn and contribute to the economy could be much higher. This is because almost all online freelance marketplaces charge high commissions and are fraught with proof of work problems. Namely, ones which see freelance marketplace buyers withhold payment even after an order has been completed.

Thankfully, ICO built freelance marketplace Latium is designed to negate such issues by creating a completely commission free freelance marketplace where inbuilt proof of work protocols always ensure that freelancers themselves are paid. Given then the appeal of such a service, there is a strong likelihood that Latium will start generating significant returns when the platform officially launches in 2018.


Cypherium - The Amazon Developer Backed ICO

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has repeatedly said that he has no plans for Amazon to start accepting cryptocurrency payments. This, however, hasn’t stopped a group of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft developers from creating their very own form of digital currency targeted at the wider retail market.

Why Cypherium is so Promising

At present, Bitcoin as a digital currency and payment processing network is dogged by hideously slow transaction processing times and exorbitantly high fees. ($40 per transaction at the time of writing). This being the case, the developers of Cypherium have created a new form of digital currency which has been designed from the ground up in mind of wider real-world retail adoption and ease of use.


NAU - Blockchain Based Digital Marketing Solutions

Being a small business in 2018 is hard. It is impossible for smaller in scale retailers to compete with bigger brands for online ad space and exposure. Meanwhile, real-world advertising via print media is just as expensive as ever.

Thankfully, new ICO NAU is attempting to disrupt traditional and online advertising paradigms. What is more, NAU is set to do this by using cellphone geolocation data to help local businesses offer exclusive discounts to people within walking distance of their storefront. In fact, the appeal of the NAU concept is huge, hence why many small businesses are already waiting in the wings to start advertising via NAU themselves.

How to Avoid ICO Scams

While ICO’s are a fantastic way for people to get a foot in the door of the cryptocurrency market, there are several scam ICO’s online.

Usually taking the form of single one-page websites which promise huge investor returns, many if not all such ICO projects will never come to fruition. This being the case, whenever looking for an ICO which might be investment worthy, always avoid big promises. In like regard, always look for influential backer support, and always ask yourself if you can see the real world potential of a given business idea. 

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